Diestel and Partners Family Dentistry is one of the highly trusted kids dental clinic in Central Hong Kong for dental treatment services for children. Our clinic has been chosen by hundreds of families in Hong Kong for their kids' dental care needs.

We understand that visiting the dentist can be intimidating for children, so we have created a welcoming and relaxing space where kids can feel at ease before their dental appointments.

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Children Dental Clinic in Central Hong Kong

At Diestel and Partners Family dental clinic we have two paedriatic dentists who focus on kids dentistry. In addition, our treatment rooms are fully equipped with all the necessary dental supplies specifically designed for children's dentistry. 

We prioritize kids’ comfort and safety during the treatment process. To further ensure their comfort, we also allow 1-2 family members to accompany the child in the dental treatment room.

We take pride in the fact that many of our patients who grew up in Hong Kong continue to trust us with their own children's dental care. Our loyal patients are a testament to the quality and personalized care we provide.


For older kids, parents often want to know if their child needs braces. We have an orthodontics specialist in our practice, and we will refer you to them for an evaluation if needed. Orthodontics can begin as early as six or seven, depending on the child’s specific situation. Early intervention with orthodontics can make certain conditions easier to address by working with the child’s normal growth patterns.

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Dr Denise Giles
Dr. Chiu Hilton Hiu Chun 招曉進牙醫
Dr. Selina Chhabra Rampal
Dr. Kit Shan (Yvonne) Ng
Dr. May May San 辛美美牙醫
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