Braces are not purely cosmetic—they can be used to correct serious misalignments that affect bite, wear and tear on the teeth, and the ability to keep teeth clean and properly maintained.

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Number of Visits: 12 - 20 monthly visits
Completion Time: 1 - 2 years
Recovery period: One Day

Are They Right For You?

At Diestel & Partners, we have an orthodontic specialist who will determine if conventional orthodontic treatment is the right approach for you or your child.
We recommend having your child’s teeth evaluated early on, because we can work with your child’s normal growth patterns in some cases, which may require them to wear their appliances for less time than if we wait until they’re older.

What to Expect

If your dentist thinks braces may be necessary, they’ll refer you to our in-house orthodontist. We’ll do a full exam, including taking photos and impressions to create 3D models. During your consultation, the orthodontist will show you these models and explain what can be achieved and what is necessary to achieve those results. We’ll show you before and after photos of patients with similar issues, so you can see what to expect.After fitting the orthodontic appliances, follow-up visits will be scheduled monthly to track progress and make any adjustments. Depending on the scope of the work being done, you can expect to wear braces anywhere from nine months to two years. You will then wear retainers for years (possibly for life) to ensure your teeth maintain proper alignment.

Who Could Benefit?

These orthodontic appliances are a better option for kids or for more complex alignment issues, severe crowding or extractions. For adults with mild to moderate alignment issues or anyone who can’t tolerate traditional orthodontic appliances, we have other options available. Our orthodontist will explain all your options.

Caring for Your Smile

We’ll show you how to take care of your teeth while wearing your orthodontic devices. We also recommend regular cleanings with our hygiene team to keep your teeth and gums healthy during your orthodontic treatment.

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